Block Paving and Micro Surfacing Services at Affordable Prices

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Who we are?

Switch groundworks is a company that is experienced in switch groundworks. We are a specialist company that is based in mid Devon. We help with remedial works for loose manhole covers, displaced joints, and damaged channels. So when you hire us for your building construction then you don’t have to worry about harming your property or health.

We are a company with years of experience in working alongside local authorities. We are a company that works according to the building regulation guidelines and safety protocols.

Moreover, we are an ideal company for new sites’ sewer connections to public sewers. In addition to this, we also offer new driveway designs and installation services. we are a team that excels in professional project management so you can expect the managed completion of your job.

Our construction team specializes in all aspects of groundwork whether it’s laying sewage systems, foundations, drainage, driveways, or building roads.

What are the services that we provide?

We offer all kinds of ground services, some of which are as follows.

  • Micro surfacing
  • Site excavation
  • Block paving driveway
  • Footings and drainage
  • Drop kerb

Whether you need private or commercial groundworks services, we are here to provide the best private and commercial services.

Why should you hire us?

We are the best company for groundwork construction services. Whether you want block paving or micro surfacing, contact us. We are the best company for groundwork construction services because our team has following features:

Quick services and repair

Our groundworks construction team provides professional block paving and micro surfacing services. We are a team from which you can only expect quality services. We offer quick services which deliver back on the same day.

Professional team of employs 

Our team is an experienced team of professionals. Our engineers are registered engineers who deliver high customer satisfaction and the most suitable solutions for your building troubles. We understand that strong foundations are very necessary for the strong building of your home/business.

Certified company,

We are a certified company for construction works. Our services are accredited throughout the nation. We work according to safety building protocols. Our Block Paving Tiverton services are provided by engineers who are safe, certified and registered.

Long-lasting solutions 

If your block paving has broken down or it needs repairing services that provide solutions that are long-lasting. If your building is worn out then hire our emergency repairing services, with quality services the issues won’t rise anytime soon again.


Even though the block paving and micro surfacing services can be very expensive because it comes with additional costs. We offer reasonable prices and we don’t charge you any additional costs. So we are the cheapest among all.

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