7 Best and Free Image Resizer Software For Designers

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Today’s mobile devices produce stunning images, but all that clarity comes at a cost: size. As a result, you’ll need a paid or free image resizer software that can swiftly resize your photographs without sacrificing quality.

List of Free Image Resizer Software for Designers

Here is the list of free image resizer software so you can easily resize your photographs without sacrificing quality.

Best logo designers use these tools to create and resize logos.

Photoshop Express 

This free image resizer software appeals to and is utilized by a large number of individuals. Despite Adobe’s reputation for difficult-to-use software, you will found this picture editor to be highly user-friendly.

Adobe, for example, makes it simple to resize your photographs for various major social media sites, like YouTube and Pinterest. This software also offers a variety of custom sizes and device possibilities. 

On the other hand, Photoshop Express, a picture editor, is a proper full-featured, free photo editor. Not only do they have some fantastic special effects that transform regular images into masterpieces in a matter of seconds, but they also include several valuable tools.

Image Size Photo Resizer

In so many respects, this picture resizer tool is excellent. First and foremost, the UI is very user-friendly. One of the best features is the feature of inputting an exact size in pixels, mm, cm, or inches, and your picture will be scaled quickly.

Color overlay, filters to improve your shot, color, and brightness tweaks, fun effects, blur, and focus, flip, and you can even draw on your photographs to add extra flair are all included in this one.

Resizer – Simple Photo Resizer

If you’re in search of the most basic, free image resizer available, this is the one for you. The simple interface displays a large plus button on a white screen. You only have three choices after selecting your image: rotate, crop, and resize.

That concludes our discussion. This program is quite simple to use. It doesn’t have any fancy extras, but it does let you share your resized picture with others.

Resizer’s sole drawback is that it only works on Apple phones, in addition to having a limited number of settings. There is currently no Android version available.


BeFunky is a fun name for a picture resizer, and it’s one of the finest on our list. This is not only entertaining to use, but it’s also relatively simple, especially for those who aren’t skilled with graphic design.

The application is web-based and includes batch processing, picture cropping and resizing, retouching, and a collage builder. You can also eliminate backgrounds (which is incredibly useful) and use thousands of filters and effects to convert images into art.

BeFunky may be used to resize photos for free. However, the free edition gets cluttered with advertisements very often, and certain valuable functions are disabled. With all of the bells and whistles turned on, the premium version is much superior. 

Simple Image Resizer

You won’t find a sophisticated UI, design tools, or other complicated features with Simple Image Resizer. This one lives true to its name; it’s about as basic as they get, and it only does one thing: resize photographs.

Simple Image Resizer is a free tool that lets you convert images to various formats (PNG and JPG). Image Compressor, Image Optimizer, and Image Converter are the other three choices available in the program. However, the picture resizer might be glitchy. During a testing, few instances of “page not found” were found.

To use it, choose a photo to resize by clicking the “Select image” button. After that, you may pick between dimensions and a percentage of the original. An image can only be made smaller, not bigger which is good because, typically, that will distort the quality.

Pic Resize

PicResize might be the solution for you, whether you need to resize a single picture or a group of them. You may pick from a browse button, a URL, or even a group of photographs to upload once. You may even start by dragging and dropping pictures into the box.

Once the picture has gets uploaded, you may crop, rotate, flip, and choose a piece of the image. Before resizing, you may pick a new size and apply effects such as oil painting, polaroid, and others to improve your picture. The last step is to choose a new file type and quality. After that, you may download your final project, alter it further, or watch it online.

One handy feature is that it displays your old and new file width, height, and size. Another feature is the option to upload and resize photographs in bulk.

Although this image resizer is easy to use, the continual advertising that comes up all over the website makes it tough to browse. It’s a shame since the other features make it a handy tool, and it’s completely free!

Resize image

Another intriguing photo resizer program is ResizeImage. Although the interface is basic, it provides a large number of choices. There are advertisements, but they are neatly positioned at the top and bottom of the page to not detract from the tool.

When using ResizeImage, you may choose a super-simple mode to upload an image, select a size, and click Finish. If you stick to the more complex options, you may crop, rotate, resize using a percentage or set height and width, and even make the backdrop translucent. You may then save your new picture in one of four different formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP. Before saving, you may also choose the picture optimization quality.

Before you complete, there are a few more choices at the bottom, such as a compression tool or the ability to convert file types. The firm also offers tools for password generating, GIF production, and ICO creation (icons from images).

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