Battery Draining Reasons by a Cell Phone Repair Store in Burlington

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Electronic gadgets have become an essential part of our lives. From smartphones to laptops, everyone relies on these devices. However, one of the biggest concerns with these gadgets is their battery life. In this article, a cell phone repair store in Burlington technician will explain the most common reasons for electronic gadget battery drainage and tips to avoid the situation.

A Cell Phone Repair Store in Burlington Explaining Battery Drainage Causes

Various factors can lead to battery drainage in electronic gadgets. It is essential to consider the factors mentioned in the points below. These include checking battery age and condition; avoiding concurrent background and high-CPU consuming apps, limiting wireless data usage, and taking care to maintain your gadget.

Running Multiple Applications Simultaneously

One of the most common reasons for battery drainage is running multiple applications simultaneously. When you run several apps including gaming apps, video editing apps, and graphic design apps are running at the same time, it can cause your gadget’s CPU to work harder.

Brightness and Display Settings

High brightness levels and some display settings can place excessive demands on your device’s battery. It has been made clear by technicians hired by a cell phone repair store in Burlington ON more battery life will be consumed when brightness is higher.

Always Running Online Applications

Another common battery drain culprit is running applications that always operate online. This includes running apps that use wireless data like apps for online streaming, video calls, or even downloading large files. These apps consume a lot of battery juice as they require a steady internet connection.

Age and Condition of the Battery

The battery’s age and condition are also critical factors that affect battery life. Over time, lithium-ion batteries which are common to most electronic gadgets, start to lose their capacity to store charge. A battery’s life will depend on usage and environmental factors, such as moisture, temperature, and humidity. Regular usage eventually wears out the cells, causing them to degrade, which directly affects the battery life.

Lack of Maintenance

Another commonly overlooked issue is neglecting battery maintenance. Most people don’t realize that cleaning your device can improve its battery life. This is because dirt, debris, and dust can accumulate and clog the device’s charging ports, causing the battery to stop charging fully or even causing battery leakage.

The Electronic Gadget Charger is Defective

Using a defective charger for an electronic device can lead to various negative consequences. It can damage the battery life of the device, cause overheating, or even pose a risk of fire hazards.

Ways to Fix Draining Issues Stated by a Cell Phone Repair Store in Burlington ON

If the reasons mentioned above are the reasons your phone’s battery drains too quickly, so, there are ways to solve this problem. The points below will take a look at some ways to fix cell phone battery draining.

Closing Extra and Unused Apps                                                              

One of the most common causes of battery draining is when apps are left open in the background. Close any apps that you are not using. The opened apps will be using screen and CPU that are related to the battery usage.

Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all the time drains your battery quickly. When you are not using them, turn them off. You can also set them to turn off automatically when not required. Although this might seem time-consuming, it will save your device.

Turn off Location Service

Location service can be very useful, but it also uses a lot of batteries. It has been advised by technicians at a cell phone repair center to turn it off for apps that don’t need to know your location.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Your screen brightness can be a battery killer. Reduce the brightness of your screen to save battery life. Reducing screen brightness can also reduce eye strain, and fatigue, and diminish the risk of eye damage.

Clients should know the reasons and follow these simple steps explained by experts at a cell phone repair store in Burlington to fix the battery-draining issue on their phones.

These are three questions explaining battery drainage issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my battery health?

Gadget users can avoid keeping their phone plugged in for long, and don’t let it run down completely before recharging. Also, try to keep the phone at room temperature as extreme temperatures can damage the battery as explained by experts at a cell phone repair store in Burlington.

At what percentage should I charge my phone?

It is recommended to charge your phone battery between twenty to eighty percent for optimal performance and longevity. Avoid overcharging and draining the battery completely.

What drains cell phone batteries the most?

The most significant drain on cell phone batteries is the high brightness of the screen of the device, with other factors like GPS tracking, Wi-Fi, and background apps also contributing to power consumption.

Apart from this, if you are interested to know more about battery life then visit our tech category.


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