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If you have dealt with an SEO strategy for your business, you will know exactly how important backlinks really are. These, however, are not the kind of links you set and forget. Backlinks cease to remain operational, lose their relevance and even become extremely toxic with time. This means, that you will need to set up new links for ensuring higher ranks on search engines.  Here are some creative marketing strategies that can help in strengthening backlinks and develop secure SEO linking strategies too.

SEO Linking Strategies that Work 

Replicate Competitor Backlinks: Finding out who your competitor is linking to can be a game-changer. After all, competitors will also create backlinks on sites that cater to your niche and they would be highly effective for SEO purposes. Manually done, this kind of tracking can prove to be a major project. Thankfully, free and paid tools are available for analyzing the backlink profiles of competitors. These tools audit the domain in question and then generate complete data including backlink profile, number of backlinks, historical data, and so on. Once you arrive at the backlink pages, you can choose the most powerful opportunities and then contact them to see if they wish to establish links with your site too. If you already have a link with them, acknowledge the same and ask for more links.

Engage Strategies for Broken Link Building

When you build on broken links you are actually finding backlinks that lead to broken ones or 404 on other sites, contacting these landing sites, and putting across suggestions for replacing the 404 links with a live link to a similar page on your site. This way, you get backlinks and you also offer value to the website that is offering you the backlinks. So how then can you find broken backlinks?

Find backlinks from competitors. You can use an analysis tool for this. You will be able to filter results for finding high authority backlinks throwing errors. These are now your prospects. Find out where these broken links come from. Try and replace them with a relevant page by reaching out and then suggesting replacements.  If it is relevant, they can take up your link because they can use it for eliminating 404 without having to look for a fresh one to take its place. You would be literally offering them everything on a platter. 

Analyze the site you wish to have backlinks from. When you already have a site in mind you can check it for broken links and then suggest replacements by providing active links to your webpage. However, there is no guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded. Often, requests for linking can be turned down instantly. One should have other lead marketing strategies to fall back on in such cases. 

The last and most important thing is to be transparent with prospective alliances you are reaching out to with links. Never offer it like you are attempting to help them. Be absolutely clear that the link you are offering is part of a mutually benefitting lead generation strategy and is likely to work as a relevant replacement. 


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