3 Best Transcription Software For New Users

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If you’re new to transcription, you may be wondering which best transcription software for beginners. Here are three popular software options that you can use to get started. You can choose from Descript, Audext, and Rythmex. These apps are user-friendly and have many features that help you get started.

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If you are new to transcription, you might want to check out Rythmex. It has a lot to offer for beginners, and its artificial intelligence feature helps you produce crisp, clean transcripts. This program also has great workflow tools and auto-loops audio for easier transcription. Moreover, Rythmex’s automatic audio to text converter integrates with foot pedals to let you work efficiently without spending a lot of time editing transcripts. The audio to text converter comes with special pricing for businesses and universities, so if you are looking for a tool to help you with your transcription work, you can check out Rythmex.

One of the main benefits of the Rythmex audio to text converter online is that you can sign up for a free trial. It is available for 14 days, and the free version gives you 30 minutes of live transcription. After that, you can purchase a plan with up to thirty hours of transcribed audio per month. You can also use this software for one-off transcription projects. You can try and convert wav to text for free.


If you’re new to transcription, you’ll want to try a free audio transcription software trial to see if you like it. The more advanced versions offer more features, but you’ll have to pay for them. Fortunately, Descript is affordable audio to text transcription alternative to the most expensive programs.

One of the free trial options, Descript, lets you cross-check your transcription with the original recording so you can identify any differences. Descript also integrates with Google Docs, so you can share your document with anyone who needs to see it. Additionally, you can download your transcription as a text file, which you can edit and share with others.

The software’s customizable interface is a big plus and allows for easy navigation. It supports variable speed and pitch playback and supports hotkeys for mouse-free playback. It can also automatically receive and load files from the internet or from a local network, as well as convert audio to text


Audext is reliable audio to text transcription software that is easy to use. Its advanced technology and AI assistant can recognize audio files and create rich notes. The program offers easy file upload and exporting and has support for 60+ global languages. It also provides an inbuilt text editor for editing transcribed files.

Its intuitive interface is easy to use, and the software can transcribe audio to text. When finished, the text can be edited online or saved in DOCX or TXT formats. The interface is minimalist, and the software recognizes different voices in noisy situations. Moreover, it supports text timing tracking. Its free trial period allows users to sample its features before purchasing the software.

Audext automatically converts audio to text. It requires no installation and only takes 7 minutes to transcribe an hour of audio. It supports over 60 languages and includes a text editor. 

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