Reasons Why Women Give so much Importance to Shoes

For some women, shoes are the most important and compulsory items in their wardrobe. And there is actually a good reason behind it. The thing is, no matter what you wear if you are not wearing the right shoes, you will not be happy or contented.

Our feet carry the weight of the whole body; therefore, it is very important for the shoes to be comfortable, relaxing, and appealing at the same time. Many women wait for their favorite pair of shoes to come on sale so that they can purchase them. All the women who love to collect shoes should check out the metro shoe sale.

On Daraz Pakistan, you can find a huge variety of sandals, high heels, tennis shoes, joggers, and puppies.  

Buying shoes from a reputable store will not only give you the comfort you need but will also make you look stunning by giving a complete look to your attire. 

Other than giving you a look you want, shoes also complete every outfit. There is a huge variety of shoes available according to every festival and occasion. For example, if you want to give yourself a professional look, along with a feminine touch, for that, you can wear sharp pair of black heels to live that look.

Just like that, for the gym you would like to wear something comfy, you can find an amazing range of joggers for that. Similarly, there are sneakers to support your running. In short, you can find shoes for every occasion.


The best thing is that shoes are never too expensive. Though it’s on you, how much money you want to spend on a pair of shoes. But the good thing is that you can purchase good-quality shoes within a budget.

If you want your shoes to last long, you need to care for them. Putting the shoes in the box and cleaning them will give them years of life.

Reasons Why Women Give so much Importance to Shoes

Being pretty is quite the obvious reason why women love shoes. However, there are so many features in the shoes than just their looks. Your outfit should coordinate with your shoes. A bad pair of shoes will ruin the beauty of your attire.

·        Shoes Give You Confidence

Shoes give you confidence and make you feel different. If you are feeling insecure, wear a pair of high heels that match your attire and enhance the look of your dress.

·        Shoes Improve Your Posture

It is very important to wear the right shoes. Wearing the right shoes improves your posture. People dealing with the back problem know how important it is to wear the right shoes.

Shoes not only play an important role in your appearance but also define your posture. You can never feel good if your shoes are uncomfortable.

·        They Give a Complete Look to Your Attire

Your attire is never complete without nice pair of shoes. Even if you are wearing a beautiful dress and your shoes are not up to the mark, it will affect your look and appeal.

You can even change your look according to your shoes. High heels for a classy look, while soft flats for a more casual look.

·        You Can Find them in a Huge Variety

There is a huge variety of shoes available that you can wear according to different occasions. It is highly unlikely to not find shoes in accordance with the occasion.

For winter nights, there are boots. For a beach day, there are sandals. To date, there are classy high heels. For lazy, slow days, there are soft flat shoes. In short, there are so many shoes that you can fill your wardrobe with.

The best thing is that you can find shoes in sales also. Just like clothing stores, shoe stores such as metro, stylo, and heels offer amazing sales and discounts on their shoe range.

You can check out Daraz Pakistan and purchase your favorite shoes at affordable rates.

·        Shoe Shopping is Therapy for Some People

It has been shown that buying new shoes is like therapy for people. Shopping increases your dopamine level and gives you a feeling of happiness and self-confidence.

Final Thought

We all know that woman’s fashion industry is much more complex and detailed than men’s. For men, three pairs of shoes might go on every attire. But for women, things are different. There are different shoes needed depending upon different attire. Therefore, women’s shoes come in wide ranges, colors, and styles.

Shoes give your attire a perfect look and make you feel comfortable. Therefore, you should pay attention when purchasing shoes and no matter how much looks attract you, make sure that the shoes you are about to purchase are also comfortable.

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