6 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Concealed Carry Dress Clothes

If you’re worried that you can’t carry your firearm while wearing concealed carry dress clothes, you should know a few tips to avoid being caught with your weapon. Tight pants and clothes show off your weapon more than you want, while baggier clothes will prevent you from being spotted. Shirts should be bigger than usual to prevent your gun from printing through the fabric. Tuckable holsters are also better because you can draw your gun easily.


You need to know a few important things before you conceal your firearm in dress clothes. In some jurisdictions, exposing a concealed firearm by accident may result in a CHL violation. Patterned shirts will better conceal a gun because the human eye can’t pick out shapes cloaked in pattern fabric. Fortunately, Hawaiian and Hawaiian-style shirts are great concealment garments because they have a lot of texture and prints.

Patterns help conceal your firearm by breaking up the printing. But not all patterns are created equally. It would help if you started with a piece of clothing that breaks up the line of sight of a person. Using colored patterns helps hide the bulge of a concealed gun. Similarly, vertical stripes help to highlight the bulge of the firearm. You can also use both solid colors and patterns to hide the gun. But be careful about printing because you’ll need to be extra careful when concealing your concealed firearm.

Starchy fabrics

When wearing dress clothes, avoid wearing starchy fabrics. Starchy fabrics are less visible than other materials, making them ideal for concealed carry. Choosing a heavy fabric is the best way to conceal your gun while wearing dress clothes. Avoid guns with large textured barrels or raised lettering because they will show through your clothes. In addition, avoid gun sights.

A patterned shirt is the best choice if you are concealing a firearm. However, a solid color shirt will not give away your concealed carry. Buttons are also a good choice. Starchy buttons are easier to conceal than other styles. And when it comes to shirts, a peplum top works best. Ruffle hem tops are designed to fit the upper body and flare out at the waistline, making it easy to access your firearm. Plus, these styles usually have very little printing.

Ironed fabrics

Dress clothes are an easy target for concealing a handgun. Lightweight fabric, such as cotton or linen, will catch the handgun’s profile and show it, but heavier fabrics can help hide it from view. Also, avoid guns with excessive texture and large barrel sights. These features will show through clothing, so avoid these for concealed carry. Ironing and starching are also effective ways to prevent your clothing from forming into a weapon.

For the best results, avoid ironing fabrics that are too stiff for concealing a gun. Stiff dress shirts, blazers, and poplin are effective options. Be sure to spray the fabric with starch spray before ironing. If your clothing is especially stiff, you might need a concealment wedge to keep your gun in position. To prevent this, you can roll up socks and wear a concealment shirt.

Tuckable holsters

Some people find it easier to conceal their firearm in business casual or dress clothes than in their usual workwear. If you wear business attire frequently, you may want to consider a tuckable holster. These devices allow you to clip your gun to your belt and “tuck” it inside your waistband. Depending on the season, this option can be extremely comfortable and discreet. Tuckable holsters are made for men and women alike, so you should be able to find one that will work for you.

If you work in a professional environment, you may want to use a tuckable holster. These holsters attach to your belt but are designed to be concealed under your shirt. Once you’re wearing your tucked-in shirt, the clip on the tuckable holster will be hidden underneath the shirt. However, you’ll still need to draw your gun, so practice makes perfect!

Ankle holsters

Ankle holsters for concealed carry are a great way to conceal a firearm without exposing it to the public. They can be worn on the right or left leg and are designed to fit snugly around the ankle. Some of the most popular ankle holsters are listed below. Each of these holsters has its pros and cons. The best option depends on your personal needs.

Ankle holsters provide the most concealability and flexibility because the holster is attached to the lower leg. They can be worn inside or outside, depending on your draw hand preference. They also tend to be less intrusive and comfortable to wear. However, they should be fitted correctly and should not restrict circulation. Ankle holsters are often made for tall people with long legs.


Many concealed carry users are confused when it comes to dressing clothes. It is a common question, but there are ways to conceal a gun without paying attention. A concealed carry undershirt is a convenient option. It combines polyester and spandex to form a comfortable, slim fit. Unlike most dress shirts, concealed carry undershirts feature built-in holster pockets on both arms. In addition, many of these undershirts are ambidextrous so that you can conceal your primary firearm and a backup, plus extra magazines. Various manufacturers make these undershirts, which are a viable option for concealed carry. However, they are not without their drawbacks.

The most obvious solution to this problem is to wear a concealed carry undershirt. It will protect your gun from sweat and prevent it from rubbing against your skin. While most people do not wear combat gear every day, it can draw suspicion. Wearing a concealed carry undershirt is more comfortable because it forms a barrier between your holster and your body. While wearing an undershirt can help you conceal your firearm, it is unnecessary.

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