How to turn off and on the TTY mode in different devices?

Many people search the full form of TTY mode on Google but it is just a word used for teletypewriter. This function is specifically designed to help deaf and hard of hearing people.

What is TTY mode?

TTY mode is a legacy technology, and many hearing or speech impaired people can use SMS to communicate. There are also real-time IP technologies to make communication more accessible, but this requires a data plan or digital telephone line.TTY feature is retained for those who do not have access to mobile data or are limited to analog phone lines. Leads to accessibility, but it’s still not everywhere.

Unlike text messaging, TTY languages ​​and protocols are specifically designed for instant communication. For example – the word “ga” means “to move forward”. It is basically a short text form used at the end of a sentence. It shows that it is the other person’s turn to speak.

What is TTY mode on cell phone The biggest drawback of this function is that when you enable it on your phone, some elements of your phone become unusable. Here’s how to use the TTY mode means in a smartphone. How do you turn this mode on or off if you want to use it? Let’s find out!

Turn on TTY mode

You can connect your mobile headset to a TTY device by enabling TTY mode in your phone’s settings. You can usually find the TTY option under the General or Call Settings menu.

As mentioned earlier, the device may lose the ability to receive non-TTY calls and text messages for you when you enable it. You may also be unable to open certain apps on a smartphone.

For example: You cannot make a video call while this mode is on. You must turn off this mode to make a video call.

Turn off TTY mode

Disabling this mode will return your phone to normal. You can use your phone to make and receive audio and video calls. You can also send SMS (text message) to another person without any problem. However, after you turn off TTY, you may or may not receive TTY phone calls.If you are expecting TTY phone calls on your device, it is better to enable it first. You need to enable your TTY mode ahead of time.

  • Motorola and Samsung S9. How to turn off TTY mode
  • On the Home screen, tap Phone (if not available), Apps> Navigate to Phone
  • Tap Menu> Settings.
  • Tap on call.
  • Enables HCO (Hearing Carry Over)
  • Enables VCO (Voice is carry over)
  • TTY mode in Nokia 6.1 Plus – settings to turn it off
  • On the Home screen, tap Phone (if not available), Apps> Navigate to Phone
  • Menu Icon> Settings> Accessibility
  • Tap on TTY mode then select option

TTY mode variables

In a smartphone, you will find 3 variants of TTY. When you choose to enable or disable it, you will see the options by default – Complete, HCO and VCO.

You can enable or disable these options as per your requirement under phone’s general and call settings. Here are the details of all the mods available in the smartphone (if it comes with this feature):

  • TTY FULL means you have only enabled text-based communication. In this form and by typing you can receive and send messages. Incoming and outgoing messages will be in text form.
  • TTY HCO (Hearing Carry Over) means you will receive a reply via voice is read incoming message and type a text message.
  • TTY VCO (Voice Carry Over) means you will receive a text message and a voice reply (you will speak outgoing text).
  • If you want to communicate with someone who is deaf but does not have a TTY compatible phone, you can use the telecommunications relay service in the US.

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