The psychological advantages of massage

Massage has since helped patients relieve pain, improve muscles and receive many physical benefits. However, the psychological state becomes especially important because relaxation has been found to be only the first in a long list of psychological benefits of massage.

Today, people seek physical and mental relief in order,

many scientific studies show the psychological benefits of mental and emotional processes, all thanks to the knowledge we formed when we were born: hold, throughout our lives, hold a powerful source of human health .

Scientific studies from NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) report specific psychological benefits of massage:

Rest: during hand treatment, hand device

 They are responsible for removing stress and satisfying the body and mind thanks to the use of muscles and skin. When we find 스웨디시, we all eventually feel calm and calm. Doctors from the renowned Mayo Clinic have reported on the psychological benefits of practicing massage for a couple.

Reduce anxiety: Anxiety increases blood pressure and heart rate, this condition decreases during massage as observed by the researchers of NCCAM, the institute that conducts various studies on massage, as far as you can see here.

Emotional therapy: physical exercise

 Releasing the massage machine while massaging produces serotonin (the pleasure hormone) which releases endorphins into the bloodstream and raises mood. Many doctors who treat depressed people recommend massage as a way to reduce the negative side effects associated with it (anxiety, worry, lack of sleep …), the University of Maryland Medical Center reported the importance of massage in the healing of inflammatory diseases. . or chronic pain (cancer or fibromyalgia), learn more about its basics Strong side effects: as they say “massage a” and massage has been shown to help improve regularity and concentration. The Sports Injury Clinic recommends that athletes receive a massage to feel their self -esteem boost and improve their attitude towards competition.

Here are some of the psychological benefits of massage in the short term.

 In the long run the benefits increase on the body and mind, so a professional massage is often highly recommended.

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