The Amazing Features of Netshare Pro Apk

Netshare Pro Apk is one of the most popular tethering applications created by Netshare Software. And it has been downloaded over 5000 times so far. It is also available for Android and iOS users. Netshare software creates Netshare. Netshare Software’s portfolio includes six apps that serve ten different countries. However, depending on your device’s operating system, you can download it for free from Google Play or the App Store.

It is a mobile hotspot that develops apps. Using hotspot-creation features, you can easily share your data connection with other devices. The app can function as both a wifi hotspot and a wifi extender. Netshare Pro APK also provides daily data usage reports.

Features of Netshare APK

These are the main features of Netshare. We’ve gone over some of the most important features of the Netshare pro application.

Tethering via a hidden hotspot

When we share our hotspot, it remains accessible to all. This means that my hotspot is visible to everyone. In this situation, a password can prevent us from sharing any data with others. No one can tell that your hotspot is open or that you share data over it when you use Netshare. Netshare assists us in concealing our hotspot status.

Other devices can connect to the free hotspot.

Even if you don’t have any data, it sounds crazy. You can still use this fantastic feature to browse the internet. If you find an open hotspot, the app automatically detects it. You must choose the best connection from the crowd. Furthermore, this feature aids in connecting even when security is compromised. The feature provides you with a free connection while the hotspot is password-protected.

Serve as a wifi repeater

Netsharing or acting as a wifi repeater How many of us are obsessed with interpreting connections due to distance? Almost everyone feels the same way when our internet connection is disrupted. But not any longer, because Netshare has a solution to turn unstable connections into stable connections. Its wifi repeater features enable us to strengthen our connection for better and more consistent internet access.


Netshare is a carrier bypass for hotspot use. It’s not a hotspot; it’s wifi direct, so not everything will work, but it greatly expands the phone’s capabilities. It used to be an eight-step process, but now it’s a breeze. Particularly with the full version.

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