Spy Camera – 4 K HD Hidden Cameras

  • Looking for an easy to use hidden camera?
  • Are you looking forward to a long battery life of your spy camera?
  • Are you also worried that the ordinary mini hidden cameras sold on the market are too hot when working and worry about their safety?

Well, Point Spy Cam helps you solve all the worries and problems. Puoneto is a professional mini camera company. We have the most cutting edge mini s-camera technology on the planet and strive to provide a high quality spy camera.

Puoneto was created with a mission to make high-quality, easy-to-use and affordable wireless mini camera accessible to everyone. Our Puoneto product technology team is very familiar with hidden spy camera user’s needs, and perfectly combines the features of mini hidden camera and dome camera to create this unique wifi s-camera.

This wifi hidden camera is easy to set up. With clearer and wider visual range images. It is ideal for improving the security of your home, office, store or warehouse. Live streaming remotely 24/7 via mobile apps and packed with numerous surveillance and recording features, it is a high-quality secret camera for personal and professional use.

So whether you want to use it for your little babies, or for your office or shop, this is the perfect quality, versatile hidden camera for you to need.

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Professional 4K Ultra HD video quality spy camera

The Puoneto q15 mini spy camera prides itself on the quality of clear images and videos. It has good performance in recording 4K Ultra HD video resolution. You can capture stunning 4K video. The Puoneto 4K mini HD camera comes with a CMOS sensor that the fast and precise image processor in combination with the detailed CMOS sensor allows it to faithfully reproduce all aspects of the scene with harmonious colors.

Long working time

This rechargeable s-camera comes with a 1500mAh battery that can last up to 6 hours when fully charged. Advanced chip and latest cooling technology improves the spy camera’s heat dissipation function, solves the problem that the mini spy camera is prone to heat during use. Plug in the wall outlet or portable power bank to record up to 40+ hours. Also this hidden s-camera supports 24/7 recording while charging. Puoneto wifi s-camera is never worry about it stop recording. Compared with other camera brands, Puoneto wireless s-camera has the longest working time.

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