Simple Steps You Should know To Use A Vape Pen 

What Is A Vape Pen? 

A vape pen is an easy-to-use, disposable, potent device filled with cannabis oils for inhaling. Such pens are cylindrical and can fit easily inside your pockets while working or traveling. It may contain CBD oil, THC oil, and liquid extracts, often called e-liquid. Vape pens are equipped with a button that you simply have to press and inhale the vapors produced by the device. This process of inhaling oil in the form of vapor is called vaping. Vape pens are also referred to as Vape cartridges or e-cigarettes. 

  1. Easy Steps To Use A Vape Pen 

If you are a novice in vaping, here are some critical steps to remember while trying to start vaping: 

  • Choose A Vape Pen Carefully  

Before you learn how to use a vape pen, you must first decide which substance you want to vape. After choosing oil, wax, or dry herb for vaping, the next step will be selecting the size of your pen. They are available in different sizes. A big one is easier to grip and a smaller one to carry and hold. Ensure to buy vapes from a licensed retailer. 

Also, it is essential to check the packaging for the license number, manufacturing date, ingredients, etc., to rule out the possibility of the pen being a fake one. Take advice from friends who vape more frequently; at least buy one for the safest consumption. 

  • Charge The Battery 

Like other electronic devices, a vape pen battery is also charged using a charger and a USB port. Always use the charger made available with the device. 

  • Dry Run The Vape 

It is better to dry run the vape before using it as it will help eliminate any residues left after manufacturing. For dry running, the vape must be set at its maximum temperature for about a minute. 

  • Fill In The Material 

After dry running your vape pen, load the tank of your vape with the liquid of your choice. Do not overfill to avoid leaks and flooding. Wait for the coil to prime; however, it is recommended to wait for at least five to ten minutes. 

  • Turn On To Inhale 

If your vape has a power button, just click it five times to turn on the heating element or atomizer. After this, whenever you inhale, just click the button at that time. Do take minor hits at first if it is your first vape. Gradually increase your hits when you become a pro. Try to take a break between puffs. Some draw-activated vape pens contain no power buttons. They commonly have a shutdown period after about ten seconds. In these vapes, the atomizer automatically activates when you take a puff from the mouthpiece. 

  • Store The Vape Pen 

After puffing, store your vape pen inside a box to keep it safe from heat and moisture. Do not keep it in a hot place directly exposed to sunlight or flame. It could ruin the coil and entirely damage the vape. 

  1. Types Of Vape Pens? 

There are three types of vape pens available in the market: 

  • Oil Vape Pens: They have e liquids like THC oil, CBD oil, botanical oils, or e-juices. 
  • Wax Vape Pens: Oils that have more viscosity and are wax are contained by this type of vape. 
  • Dry Herb Vape Pens: These vape pens vaporize dry herbs. 
  1. Anatomy Of A Vape Pen 

 A vape pen typically consists of these four parts: 

  • Mouthpiece 

It is the tip of the vape pen through which the user inhales the vapor. 

  • Battery 

The battery is the source of energy for the vape. It consists of the electrical energy required to convert it to heat for vaporizing the liquid. The battery is usually rechargeable and may store some sensors or electronic devices. 

  • Atomizer 

It is the part that converts the battery power into heat. It usually contains coils wrapped around a wick. The wick is often made of cotton or can be ceramic. 

  • Chamber Or Tank 

It is the component where you load the vaping material for inhalation. A tank is filled more than one time if the vape is refillable. If the vape is disposable, the tank has liquid already filled in it. 

  1. How To Store A Vape Pen? 

For maintaining a vape pen for a long duration and using it to the best of its ability, follow these easy tips: 

  • Always store your vape at room temperature and in a dry place to avoid condensation buildup. 
  • Keep your vape pen upright position. Do not keep them in pockets or drawers. 
  • Try not to keep your vape unused for a long time. 
  • Do not overfill your cartridge, as it can lead to chamber flooding. 
  • Regular cleaning of your vape using isopropyl alcohol or hot water is necessary. 

Final Words
Those mentioned above are the steps that will help ease out your first vaping experience. Vaping is also fun since it offers you to choose from various flavors of e-liquids and concentrates. Moreover, it has products from cheap to expensive, available in online and offline stores. Go ahead and grab yours today.  

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