How to Prepare Your Child for the Move Up to Secondary School

With the academic year drawing to a close in a blur of sports days, awards ceremonies and end of term concerts, this will be magnified for any parents with a Y6 child. The transition to secondary school is one of the biggest events your child will have experienced and leaving the familiarity of their primary school for a new, often much larger, high school can bring with it mixed emotions. These tips will help you prepare your child for the new adventure that is just around the corner.

Exciting Times

There may be a sense of sadness about leaving their primary school for both yourself and your child. This is normal, especially if it has been a positive experience and the leavers’ assemblies and parties stir up nostalgia and leave you sobbing into your tissue. Remind your child of all the opportunities secondary school can bring. For many children this is when they have more independence, travelling further and making friends from a wider geographical area. 

If they have a favourite area of learning, the move to secondary school is a chance to dig deeper into this with more specific lessons and studying at greater depth. Sell what the school has to offer, whether that’s drama clubs or ski trips in Italy so by the time your child starts they are excited about what lies ahead.

The Right Equipment

The move to high school is also a chance for your child to learn skills that will help them through to adulthood such as the importance of being organised and having the correct equipment. Ensure they have everything they need to succeed. Many schools will provide a list of basic items that your child will require, such as stationery, uniform and PE kit, and there may also be more specific items such as sketchbooks that school will ask you to provide. 

With the increase in homework being set online, a computer is also a worthwhile investment. Buy something of high quality such as these Lenovo desktops for schools and you can be assured you are giving your child a reliable computer that will last.

Practice Run

In the weeks leading up to the move it can be beneficial to have a run through an average day to help your child know what to expect. If they are travelling in on a public service bus, a trial journey during the summer holidays can be a confidence boost. If they need to wear a tie and don’t know how to tie a half Windsor knot, run throughs without time pressures will help. Ask your child if there’s anything they are concerned about and work together to find solutions and relieve nerves.

Make time to prepare your child in as many ways as possible over the coming weeks and months. On that first day back, you can relax knowing you’ve done all you can to give them the best chance of success as they start the next chapter of their life.

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