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You can score some significant points with a personalised football card. Our personalised player cards are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, football awards, stag dos, and proudly hanging on bedroom walls Our real-life FUT cards are completely customised, eco-friendly, locally created, hand-polished, and sent straight to your door, with a range of designs to choose from. We provide free delivery and same-day shipping to every location on the planet!

Custom Football Card Checklist

Football card designs have developed significantly throughout time, yet the most still include the same elements.

Player Name:

This may seem obvious, but it is critical to the individualised design. Longer names may be harder to read when placed near other card elements. Typically, this will run along the bottom of the card.

Player Number:

Every football player, from Pop Warner to High School, College to Pro, is assigned a number on their jersey. Include your player number in the order information for your Custom Fifa Card.

Player Position:

This may be put on either the front or back of your personalised football card.

 Player Stats:

Are you the leading scorer in the league? Insert your vital facts on the reverse side of your customised trade card to make it seem legitimate.

Player Bio:

Please tell us a something about yourself. Where you’re from, who your favourite players are, and how long you’ve been playing football are all important considerations. This area may be a lot of fun to make!

Team Name:

Which team are you a member of? On the face of the card, the team name is usually as large as or larger than the individual name. In certain cases, this may be substituted with the team logo.

How To Make Football Cards

If you’re a graphic designer, artist, or simply love making things,Custom Football Card may be a rewarding hobby. This post will demonstrate how to create and print football trading cards for online sales. Even if you lack design skills, you may produce high-quality trading cards using photographs.

 Continue reading to find out how our customisation options may make your cards stand out. We’ll also discuss how to select the best paper material and how to sell trading card designs on the top websites. But first, a brief tutorial on how to construct football cards.

1 Select Your Card Size

The first stage in designing your football cards is to decide on the size and shape of your paper. The standard size for sports trading cards is 64mm x 89mm. Rounded edges provide a more professional impression, and thicker paper quality seems more premium.

With our custom print runs, you may buy Custome Football Card designs as well as multiple card decks for games. This allows you to sell football top trumps while simultaneously promoting unique trading card designs on the internet.

2. Order Your Printed Custom Cards

You may order football cards online at our playing card printing website. Round edges and laminate finishes, for example, draw attention to your ideas and make them look more professional.


Dinger Select Custome Football Card has some of the best designs on the market. You may upload your photos, team logo, player info, and bio after making your purchase. We’ll check the quality of your photo to make sure it appears great on your card. After passing our evaluation, we do the hard job of clipping your player out and positioning them on our distinctive backdrops.

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