What intelligence and big data can bring to professional gaming

We spoke with Lookup, a Spanish pioneer in the field of human intelligence. “Based on the analytics data, our AI experts have developed an algorithm that performs predictive analytics and forecasting to improve the decision of every key player in the game,” the company said in a statement.

The project was led by Esteban Grander (RCD Espanola player), who told us what prompted him to participate: fields such as medicine or shopping and made it possible to adjust the parts beyond the original data definition. “That way you can get the right answer from science for any questions you have about professional sports.”

For professional companies, intelligence facilitates optimization

 Decision-making and rapid development across different sectors, where uncertainty reduction is one of the hallmarks of competitive advantage. This is the case, for example, with the Directorate for Recognition and Transfer, the health department, educators or researchers. Principles and predictions are found not only to predict the future, but also to define and try to achieve the desired results.

Fans also benefit

From fans, intelligence also transforms the game, where it makes it possible to organize content at will or find understandings of data to improve the user experience and meet their needs. For example, the immediate results of one team can be predicted using live game data.

“Fans, in this way, can get more information about watching the game,

 They know how to play. Eerier Rodriguez, one of the engineers involved, said, “It also lets you know in advance the status of each type of team, their performance based on a possible example, you can get the experience of the game. Finally, providing a personalized experience can also mean gain more loyalty and commitment from sponsors and strengthen the market. The first involves rhythmic exercise, rhythmic exercise, skating and trampoline jumping. On the subject is acyclic, although some are cyclic (acrobatics and dome approaches in rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating) .the flesh.

The second category includes 스포츠중계 such as running, jogging, skating, boating, cycling, boating, skiing and swimming, where the main goal is to reach the maximum speed possible. Another feature is the cyclic movement of athletes. The speed at which an athlete develops during a run depends on the perfection of the cyclic movements and the ability to overcome fatigue. The effects of fatigue are becoming increasingly evident in long-distance athletes, mainly due to the high desirability of the cardiovascular system.

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