How to Convert PNG to PDF For Free?

A PNG to PDF converter is an online conversion process that is used to change or turn a PNG image file into a PDF document instantly. The process of conversion from PNG to PDF can be initiated due to following reasons;

Efficiently share and store PNG images without quality loss.

PDFs are assumed universal format and therefore conveniently viewable on any operating device.

For safety reasons because PDFs are way more secure as they can be encrypted with passwords to restrict access.

For convenient printing.

To perform any of these goals, you need a PNG to PDF converters software at hand, and more specifically, the best one, Now we are going to describe a list of the best PNG file to PDF converters online and how to convert PNG files to PDFs for free.


The PNG2PDF software allows you to convert your PNG images to PDF within no minutes. You can upload 20 images at once and there is no limit to the file size for each image. The PNG to PDF converter is secure and is a quick solution for converting PNG into PDF without losing quality.

Steps to convert files with PNG2PDF

Here’s how you can convert PNG images to PDF:

Step 1. Start by opening the PNG2PDF software on the internet.

Step 2. Simply click on Upload Files to upload images from your device. You can also drag and drop your PNG files into the designated box.

Step 3. Once uploaded, just click on Combined to combine the files in a PDF format. The file will automatically download when you press on Combined.


Another great online PNG to PDF converter is the SodaPDF converter. This software can be used by anyone as this tool has a highly instinctive interface and easy-to-use design. Once you have converted your files, Sodapdf will give you multiple choices to compress your PDF file, to edit it, merge it or highlight it.

Steps to convert files with SodaPDF

Follow the steps below to convert PNG files to PDF instantly:

Step 1. Open the Sodapdf software on the search bar.

Step 2. Very next, you need to select files. You can do that by dragging and dropping your files into the converter box. You can also upload your files from your desktop or any other cloud storage by clicking on Choose File.

Step 3. As soon as you upload the file to the converter, it automatically starts converting. Once your file change PNG to PDF, Sodapdf will give you the option to download the file or preview it first. Moreover, you can also edit your file, draw over it, highlight, merge or add text.

Step 4. You can download your file by clicking on Download File.

This platform is the best for your choice to turn PNG into PDF within no minutes. Just drag & drop your file and the conversion proceeds with a few clicks. This PNG to PDF converter is full of security and no registration as well as installing any software to do conversions. Even you can do multiple conversions with this converter.

Steps to convert files with

You can easily save PNG as PDF by using our PNG to PDF converter, just stick to these steps and get your converted file.

Step 1: Drag and drop or upload the PNG image that you are going to convert into PDF. For batch conversions, the online converter lets you convert multiple PNGs into PDFs

Step 2: Hit the “Convert” button and wait for a couple of seconds to get the converted PDF

Step 3: Make a click on the “Download” button and save your PNG picture to a PDF


With PDFCandy software you can safely and quickly transform all your PNG files into PDFs. With a very intuitive interface and quick conversion, PNG to PDF converter also allows you to make little customization to your PDF file.

Steps to convert files with PDFcandy

Follow the steps below to export PNG as PDF online:

Step 1. Open the PDFCandy website on the internet. Click on Add File and then add files from the PC. You also have the choice to select files from Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also drag & drop files into the converter box to select them.

Step 2. Once you have uploaded the files, you have the option to change the size, margins, and even the order of the files.

Step 3. Click on “Convert” to convert your file and download it instantly.

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