How Body Massage Can Help in Back Pain?

It takes time to recover from back pain, and in severe cases, it can last up to several months. Many people rely on treatments like anti-inflammatory medicine and physiotherapy to treat back pain. However, a back massage is said to be a great way of treating back pain and guarantees that you stay physically active. Over the years, massage has become a great alternative to medicine for treating back pain. By focusing on the muscles that cause pain, a massage therapist provides comfort and relaxation. In addition, health care specialists encourage their patients who suffer from frequent back pain to get massage therapy regularly. A lower back massage offers various advantages, and some of them are discussed below in detail.

1. Improves Blood Flow and Circulation Across the Back

When the back muscles become stiff, there happens to be a decrease in the blood flow, which causes back pain. A back massage helps in the recovery from back pain by improving the blood flow. A massage acts as a pain killer and provides comfort, whether it’s just stiffness in the back or a little tissue damage. Furthermore, a massage is highly advantageous for people with back injuries. If you have injured your back somehow e.g. by lifting a heavy object improperly, improving blood circulation may allow you to return to your feet quicker. 

2. Expands the Range of Motion 

It is common to suffer from back pain and stiffness of the neck. Professional massage therapists use a wide range of techniques to provide relief from back pain. When you have pain, specifically in the lower back, a four hands massage is said to be ideal for the treatment. However, a Hot Stone Massage is much more effective for treating upper back pain. Together, both of these massage therapies play a lead role in expanding the range of motion of a person. A back massage is also considered the best therapy to provide relief from the discomfort of pregnancy. It reduces the inflammation of the muscles and provides relief from joint dislocations, bone problems, and herniated discs. Lumbosacral pain can affect a patient’s motion, and the person may feel difficulty walking. By getting a back massage, the affected person can overcome the imbalance and improves mobility. 

3. Decreases the Tension Levels 

Muscle tension is among the major reasons that cause back pain and problems. And once the level of tension increases, a person feels discomfort in walking. A proper back massage helps relieve pain and increases the flexibility of the muscles. Massage therapy ensures that you move faster by relieving tension among the back muscles and breaking the knots. 

4. Enhances Relaxation 

When your back gets properly massaged, the body releases good hormones like dopamine in excessive quantity. Not only dopamine but serotonin also ensures to enlighten a person’s mood. The best part is that these hormones act as natural pain relievers. As a result, patients start taking less medication and avoid pain killers. It has been seen that people who schedule a regular massage are less likely to suffer from chronic back pain. However, you must know that a back massage isn’t suitable for all types of back pain. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a doctor before visiting a massage center. 

5. Improves Quality of Sleep 

People who suffer from frequent back pain also suffer from a disturbed sleep cycle. Some people might start a proper medication for it, but getting a back massage improves sleep quality. A back massage increases blood flow and reduces tension; it eventually provides comfort to the person. This ensures that you sleep better and are more likely to stay on your path to recovery. 

6. Reduces Pain due to Osteoarthritis

In arthritis, the cartilage between the spine and the joints starts getting damaged. As the bone makes contact with the other bone, you will feel severe pain in your back. Massage for knots improves the flood of blood hence naturally treating the cartilage. This provides you comfort from the pain of arthritis. However, ensure that the therapist is experienced in dealing with the arthritis problem while booking the massage. Getting an unprofessional therapist might further increase your problem. 

Bottom line

Back pain is very common among people of every age nowadays and what’s worse is that it is difficult to treat. Hence you might see many people frequently visiting doctors for back pain treatment. Affected people may take medicines, receive injections, and go for surgery to get rid of this pain. Often, these treatments expose a person to more pain and problems. However, a back massage is a great alternative to all of these treatments and is the easiest way of getting rid of back pain. Massage reduces back pain without any side effects and provides the comfort and relaxation that you need.

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