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Like paper-based currencies,  cryptocurrencies have come up as an alternative form of money that aims to deliver the same utility but in a more effective and easy manner. However, fiat money across the world is considered a legal payment option because it’s developed by the government, while virtual currencies are created by using blockchain technology that is not owned by the government, making it a potential risk of crimes. Yet many countries like El Salvador have made Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies legal tender after knowing their power of disrupting the financial system. In addition to this, digital crypto money being decentralized is governed by the cryptocurrency community, which enables users to make anonymous transactions while keeping their identities hidden.

Thus, the demand for cryptocurrencies has raised around the globe, therefore, hundreds of digital currency trading platforms and exchanges have emerged including CoinLager Online Crypto Exchange that is providing fiat to crypto, P2P and various other services to fulfill clients’ requirements.

Global Digital Currency Trading Platform – Payment Options 

Digital crypto money has come up as an alternative payment option, therefore, governments and regulatory authorities across different jurisdictions are now taking the initiative to make the existing digital currencies a legal payment option as well as are working to create their own virtual currencies known as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Furthermore, the peer-to-peer digital currency exchange services are enabling investors to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, particularly carrying out transactions through digital coin debit cards, wire transfers, and much more. Thus, money trading with digital currency is now becoming easier, safer, and more robust as compared to gold or stock trading, as emerging fiat payment options are emerging on a day-to-day basis.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment

With the increase in the demand for peer-to-peer (P2P) payment services, digital currencies platforms and exchanges are introducing these services, thus have become the most preferred way of purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies. Additionally, P2P trading services allow businesses to provide a seamless and secure experience, as they can directly interact with the other users onboard the cryptocurrency platform in order to make deals that favor them the most.  Thus, these services also do not require third-party interference, therefore, customers’ identities along with the source of the transaction remain anonymous and secure. In addition to this, if the clients don’t own digital crypto money, they also need not get worried, they can simply make transactions using P2P services.

Buy Digital Currency with Debit Card

Like peer-to-peer payment services, CoinLager digital currency exchange is also providing an option of money trading with digital currency using debit cards. Due to the fact it comes in hand, it’s considered the most convenient and easiest way of making transactions. To make transactions with debit cards, the investors need to integrate their credit/debit cards onto the digital crypto money exchange or platform. Afterward, they need to undergo certain identity verification checks in order to get verified status. However, these services are restricted to some of the exchanges, but those that are providing usually charge a fee between 0.5 to 5%.

Paper-based  Currency Deposit 

As the cryptocurrency market is getting more diverse, many exchanges and platforms are listed in underdeveloped countries or areas where there are no proper resources to make payments for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, to facilitate such de-banked investors, the CoinLager digital currency exchange is providing the option of purchasing cryptocurrencies with fiat money. 

Money Trading with Digital Currency – Start Making Money Today

With the increase in the usage of digital crypto money, the network of digital currency exchanges and platforms is also expanding all across the world. Thus, the cryptocurrencies exchanges are now providing sophisticated schemes to help traders make instant money. Therefore, there are key aspects that traders need to have in mind before choosing a platform that can ensure a huge sum return.

As financial crimes particularly money laundering and terrorist financing using cryptocurrencies are rising, the governments and regulatory bodies across the world are not in favor of making digital crypto money a legal payment option, thus, are standing firm to oppose cryptocurrency trading services. Thus, before you choose a digital platform or exchange, you need to get a detailed insight into legality issues, this will allow you to get to know whether they are legit or not, thus you can save your time and resources.

KYC Identification 

As the cryptocurrency regime is full of cybercriminals, money launderers, and organized crime groups, there is a dire need of verifying the clients along with the third-party vendors. Complying with know your customer and anti-money laundering regulation is an obligation as well as a precautionary measure to secure the crypto ecosystem. Thus, to secure parameters, digital currency exchanges and platforms need to gather customers’ government-issued documents to fulfill KYC requirements. Thus, before you choose an exchange, you must have a look over their security measures.

Final Thoughts 

CoinLager digital currency exchange is one of the newly emerging cryptocurrency exchanges that deals in almost every kind of crypto-related service integrated with state-of-the-art KYC/AML solutions, it is a viable option for new investors seeking for making instant money.

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