How to Calculate Ovulation: The Best Time to Get Pregnant

The ideal time to get pregnant is when you are ovulating. The most favorable “getting pregnant” window can be anywhere from a few weeks prior to conception since the sperm can fertilize for up to 6 days, and it can take up to one day following the release of your egg that is only viable for twelve to 24-hours. For this, you can use a perfect ovulation calculator free that displays the most fertile days and exact date of ovulation in which the chances of pregnancy for a woman are high.

Calculate Your Fertile Window:

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Timing Matters:

There is no doubt that timing plays a very important role in pregnancy. Getting pregnant is highly dependent on the time in which you try to conceive the baby. Start calculating your menstrual cycle to determine the best time to conceive a baby. It can be difficult to track the best days by using the traditional method. So, to make things a bit easier use the fertility calculator by to know about the best days for intercourse for conceiving a baby.  

When are you Most Fertile?

The most fertile day of your cycle is the time that leads up to ovulation prior to the release of eggs in the ovary. After ovulation, the egg lives for only 24 hours; the sperm will continue to be fertile for 2 to 3 days in the fallopian tube. In this regard, we suggest couples go through sexual interactions every two days during the Female Fertile Window. This means that the sperm is waiting to release the egg when the female is ovulating. If you hold off till after your female has had ovulated, before you get sex, then you’ll have missed the chance of conception during the month.

When Does The First Conception Occur?

The conception process begins at the point of fertilization, as the fertilized sperm enters the egg’s outer shell and the embryo is created. Within the next up to 6 to 4 days, the embryo is carried down the fallopian tubes to the uterus. There it gets a place inside the lining of the uterus, and then, hopefully, will continue to grow. If you want to determine if you’re pregnant, wait for two weeks following your ovulation before you can conduct an ultrasound test to determine if you are pregnant.

Fertile Window Calculation by Using Fertility Window Calculator:

To determine your Fertile Window, you need to use a Fertility Calculator. It will help you identify the day on which you ovulate. For the calculation of your fertility window, you just need to know about the duration of your menstrual cycle

(which can vary from 23-35 days). To determine this, you must note the number of days that have passed since the day you began bleeding during your last cycle, and the day you first start the bleeding that you experience in your next.

From this number subtract 14 days of the conclusion in your cycle, to figure out

when you ovulate. In case of experiencing an irregular menstrual cycle, or the length of your cycle varies between months and month to month, it may be challenging to determine the day you ovulated. Ovulation urine tests can be beneficial, and you may want to seek guidance from Your GP and a specialist in infertility.

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