Best Employer of Record Services 2022

The entire world is available at the stroke of a button, opening up the global market in a new way.  With companies hiring employees across international borders, new challenges must be met in each country. Charged with carrying out legal and regulatory work, employer of record can be a key component to allowing smaller companies to work with foreign employees.  We know it can be difficult to trust outside companies, therefore we’ve put together the list.

Innovative Employee Solutions

IES provides employer of record services for thousands of companies and contingent workers across North America. Affiliated with some of the best professionals in the field, IES saves their clients time and resources, while increasing efficiency and revenue.  Aided by IES, companies are able to hire employees not based on location, but rather on talent. With their payroll services and contingent workforce solutions, IES works with thousands of employees working in many different industries, making this a great EOR services option.


TriNet is aimed to help the small and mid-sized businesses, TriNet assumes all the responsibilities of a human resources department, allowing employees to focus on the success of their company.  This global employer of record service offers many different HR services in tailored packages, each company may determine what is most suited to their needs.  


With the workforce growing globally, ZeroChaos offers a variety of services for contingent workforce management as an international employer of record services. ZeroChaos can act as the Employer of Record for companies, greatly reducing time spent, resources used, and costs. ZeroChaos has addressed the challenges of a contingent workforce and offers solutions to create a more successful business.

Velocity Global

What is different about Velocity Global? They begin by offering companies advice, not just solutions.  Velocity Global uses its global infrastructure of over 185 countries to assist businesses to expand globally. Working with international employees can be tricky, from managing language differences to navigating each country’s legal system, which is where Velocity Global steps in and manages the entire process.


Everyone enjoys a good movie, but very few people think of the behind-the-scenes details.  Working in the entertainment industry, NPI offers employer of record services, and handles the small details from payroll taxes to pension reporting.  Working with production companies from the start, NPI offers smooth solutions, allowing production managers to focus on their projects, and allowing NPI to handle the payroll process.

International Staffing Consultants

Looking to hire international employees? Look no further.  With years of experience and covering a wide range of job types, ISC will assist any business in global recruitment. Once the employee is hired, ISC continues to offer support to an international employer of record services.  ISC has an extensive network spanning across the globe and is highly qualified in helping companies find and manage their international employees.


ShieldGeo’s slogan says it all: “international employment made simple”.  Acting as an employer of record, ShieldGeo assists businesses with no infrastructure in international countries in handling legal rules and regulations.  Additionally, ShieldGeo offers the administrative services needed to manage employees across the globe.

Globalization Partners

Each country has its own laws when it comes to taxes and managing employees. Globalization Partners handles the details to ensure companies the ability to hire and maintain global employees.  Not only does Globalization Partners offer employer of record services, but they will help businesses expand globally with webinars, articles, and videos created by experts in the field.


What sets iWorkGlobal apart?  Innovative solutions that are tailored made for each company specifically.  While maintaining international employees, iWorkGlobal stays up to date with the laws and regulations of each region and country for current employees and creates a strategy for further global expansion.

Nexus CW

Offering a complete package of human resources services, Nexus CW saves companies time, money, and stress.  With a team of experts, Nexus CW can manage any business’ recruiting, payroll, employee benefits, and basic HR services.  These services can be especially helpful when managing a contingent workforce, with each location containing different rules and regulations.

It is crucial for any company hiring an outside firm for the employer of record services and other HR responsibilities to find the correct fit.  Each of the EOR services listed have a unique skill set and can be utilized to increase success and efficiency.

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