Quran is the holy and the most pious book which has been gifted to Muslims. The Holy Quran was sent to Muslims through the messenger of ALLAH, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). It consists of 114 surahs. The Holy Quran took a total period of 23 years for its complete revelation.  

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The QURAN has been sent to humanity so that they can understand their existence in the world. It is considered the Final Revelation form ALLAH (SWT) for society. It has all the messages and instructions given by ALLAH (SWT) to mankind; that is why they have been sent to Dunya, how they should lead their lives so that they can be prosperous in Akhirah.  

There are many beautiful and thought-provoking quotes in this Holy book. Among which 17 amazing quotes are elaborated below:  

“Guide Us to The Straight Path” – Surah Fatiha Ayat 6

This is the quote from the first surah of the Holy Quran. The quote clearly states that we should seek help from ALLAH (SWT). Only ALLAH can help us in choosing the right path in our lives.  

“And speak to people good [words]” Surah Baqarah Ayat 83

The message is that a person should always speak gently with others. He should be kind and gentle with everyone around him.  

Every soul will taste death.” -Surah Imran Ayat 185

It reminds us that this world is temporary; our life here is brief, and we are not meant always to stay here. We all will die one day and reach our final destination, the afterlife. 

“Unquestionably, to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth” – Surah Yunus Ayat 55.

This quote explains the power of ALLAH that everything which is present in this world and heaven is owned by ALLAH only. He is the only owner of everything. 

“Indeed, He does not like the arrogant.” Surah Nahl Ayat 23 

The quote is enough to make people understand that ALLAH(SWT) does not like an arrogant and unthankful person. 

“And when I am ill, it is He who cures me”-Surah Ashura Ayat 80 

It is mentioned here that we should have complete faith that whenever we are ill, it is ALLAH only who can cure us and save us from all diseases. 

“Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing” – Surah Ankabut Ayat 45

 The Importance of prayers is explained here when we pray and seek guidance from ALLAH. He will surely help us and save us from all evil deeds.  You may also like to learn about the Online Quran Classes for kids.

“Call upon Me; I will respond to you.”-Surah Ghafir Ayat 60 

 The help from ALLAH is all we need, and whenever we ask ALLAH to help us, he will surely help us. We should always trust him to take us out of every problem.  

“Is the reward for good [anything] but good?” Surah Ar-Rahman Ayat 60 

The Holy Quran mentioned that the result of good deeds will always be good. If we are good and just to mankind, ALLAH will benefit us from everything good.  

“For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.”- Surah As-Sharh Ayat 5

ALLAH has stated in the Holy Quran that no matter how many difficulties we face, ALLAH will take us out from all the problems and be in ease and comfort. 

“The Lord of mankind,” Ayat 3-Surah An –Nas

The quote, as mentioned above, clearly says that ALLAH is our creator. He has created humanity and society, but he is also the creator of this whole world.  

“Indeed, the Qur’an is a reminder” Surah Muddathir Ayat 54 

The Quran has been sent to us because it gives us the message of ALLAH. It reminds us of how ALLAH wants us to lead our lives to seek Divine guidance. 

And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him.”- Surah Talaq Ayat 3

ALLAH has stated in Holy Quran that ALLAH is enough for everyone who puts his trust in ALLAH, as ALLAH is the one who can help us in every situation  

Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both [jinn and men] deny?”-Surah Rehman Ayat 61 

In the continuation of ayat no 60, this is the quote that ALLAH will reward us for our every good deed, and he is our Lord and blessed with so many things that we cannot deny. 


So, all the quotes mentioned in Holy Quran can help us lead a peaceful life, and not only here, but the teachings of QURAN will also make us prosperous in Akhirah.

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